The blogs in this category are related to the following critical leadership competencies:

  1. Taking actions and delivering quantifiable results.
  2. Communicating tangible value to all key stakeholders.
  3. Analyzing complex situations and creating solutions.
  4. Translating purpose, goals and objectives into actionable plans, tasks, responsibilities, schedules and budgets.
  5. Understanding and accommodating key stakeholder interests.
  6. Managing activities, resources, time and risk.


How Leadership Teams Successfully Create Aligned Business Strategy

conditions for creating business strategy

What is the most effective way for leadership teams to successfully create aligned business strategy?

I recently helped a 12-member team of an $110m biotech set priorities. In two hours, they narrowed their priorities down to about 7. The CFO later reported that the budgeting process was the easiest ever. There were no turf wars. Everybody knew the priorities.

I’ll share here an overview of the approach that made this possible...