IV. Strategic Alignment & Business Model Workshops

Strategic Alignment - Designing, Vetting, Aligning - Is How Organizations Work As One Entity

We design and deliver workshops that assess and maximize strategic alignment. The goal is to align roles and strategies towards competitive advantage. This includes aligning business leaders, function leaders and enterprise leaders.

This structured approach to aligning roles, strategies and key capabilities towards competitive advantage sets us apart.

And our advantage here are a series of powerful capability models, starting with The Business Triangle℠.

The Business Triangle℠ maps a journey towards strategic alignment. It is scalable from small start-ups to complex global enterprises. It distinguishes four kinds of business capabilities including:

  1. Developing winning value-propositions for target segments
  2. Selling to target customers to create successful purchase moments
  3. Delivering as promised to generate referrals
  4. Supporting to create economies of scale

Business growth can then be envisioned as the speed at which you: 1) develop, 2) sell and 3) deliver products and/or services.

The Business Trianglewill give you and your team the confidence that you are always address your primary constraint to growth.

It frames the developmental journey towards competitive advantage as a cascade from Developing effective value-propositions, to Selling efficiently, to Delivering for quality and profit and to Supporting for economies of scale.

Other strategic alignment frameworks include:

The Four Arguments For Competitive Advantage provide a shared logic that can applied to discern which changes in your business will have the greatest positive (or negative) impact on overall competitive advantage. This creates a powerful shared language for setting priorities and resolving conflicts.

The Enterprise Map enables you to rationalize the scope of your portfolio of businesses and set strategic priorities across them. It provides a logical framework for segmenting your business into separate strategies and accountabilities. And it enables you to track primary constraints across your entire enterprise, revealing critical patterns and points of interdependency between functions and businesses.

The Complete System-of-Roles ensures that every key domain has an owner who is accountable for driving all important issues to resolution. It ensures that roles are divided in a way that works. The puzzle it solves is how to develop a healthy creative tension that lead to innovation. The challenge is not allowing individuals to short circuit opportunities by putting their own comfort above the needs of the business, intentionally or otherwise. It gives you the logic required to design and implement an optimal organizational structure.

Note: Typically this kind of strategic alignment and business model work is done after (or in parallel) with developing High-Performing Teams & Business cultures. The critical sequence is to have in place the competencies to truly align and lead complex change before pushing into organization design and strategic planning. Why? Because it will minimize resistance and maximize buy-in and engagement. In short, it is follows change leadership best practice.

Consider: how strategically aligned are the roles, strategies and key capabilities in your business or enterprise? Do the leaders in your organization have the ownership of their roles, understand key interdependencies and have the competencies to focus on maximizing growth and return?

Strategic Alignment & Business Workshops will address these concerns.