Post-Merger Integration

Depending on the study, between 50% and 80% of all post merger integrations fail to realize expected returns.

Typical reasons include:
  • Personality conflicts stemming from ineffective leadership mindsets or an incomplete system-of-roles.
  • Lack of shared priorities that emerge from misaligned strategies or a lack of shared clarity about competitive advantage.
  • In short, the conditions critical for successful integration are often not well understood.

    Our expertise is in addressing the issues that cause most acquisitions to fail.

    We have experience in both large complex and smaller integrations. We offer a different and better approach to post merger integration:
  • We provide transition teams tools for critical thinking and analysis, cutting out the noise.
  • Our diagnostic tools have been forged over 20 years with hundreds of teams, aligning teams around what needs to be done next.
  • We guide leaders to focus like a laser on resolving primary constraints in order to maximize growth and returns.

For more about our approach, watch this video (4:31mins):

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