How to deal with stress in the workplace - The SCARF model

Work StressA couple of weeks ago, I wrote the blog post Simple Stress Management Tools. It was so popular that I decided this week to follow-up on this topic.

I thought it might also be appropriate to introduce you to Nick Petrie. He is a senior faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership and is a guru on the latest leadership research. I connected with Nick and he gave me permission to share his latest blog video (below) -  “The SCARF Model - How to deal with stress at work” I recommend it on so many levels, if only for another cool accent! His blog is also worthy of your attention.

Here is a summary of the video:

David Rock  - author of Your Brain at Work, has done extensive neuroscience research on stress in the workplace and has written on the following:

1) What is it that triggers people emotionally in the workplace?

2) What can you do to overcome this (get unhooked)?

Through David’s research, he showed that we get hooked by one or more of the following emotional triggers in the workplace: The SCARF Model 

1) Status -  Is about relative importance to others.

2) Certainty - Concerns being able to predict the future.

3) Autonomy - Provides a sense of control over events.

4) Relations - Is a sense of safety with others - of friend rather than foe.

5) Fairness - Is a perception of fair exchanges between people.

Here are practical steps to get unhooked from these triggers:

1) Get Away from the situation

2) Identify what has been triggered

3) Go and resolve the situation

I'd love to hear your feedback on this video and/or this model. What emotional triggers relate to you and your workplace?