Become A Total Leader In 20 Weeks

Become a total leader in 20 weeks.

A couple of blog posts ago I made the statement about the future of leadership development, and how I don't think current leadership development approaches are enough to equip leaders in our current business environment. This is especially true when considering how much change leaders are  facing daily as a result of globalization and technology.

Because of this, I believe there are three important keys to the future of leadership development:

  • It needs to be experiential
  • It needs to start from within (especially the mental, emotional, and spiritual domains)
  • Leaders need to learn how to become more agile to handle change more effectively

A total leader in my opinion is constantly developing from the inside-out, especially mentally, emotionally and spiritually (The Game Within). But how does one develop that? In the next couple of weeks I will address this question.

As many of you might know – my love for performance and leadership actually started on the sports field. As a tennis player, coach, and sport psychologist I very early on became aware of what it really takes to get to the next level. Over the years, I have studied and worked with some of the top perferformers in the world. Just as professional athletes are not just born to be an expert performer, leaders are also made over time – it is a developmental journey.

Through my studies over the years, I became aware of four important keys we can learn from professional athletes:

1) Self-awareness (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and technical)

2) Performance in the moment

3) Development and growth over time

4) Self-care 

In the next 20 weeks of blog posts, my goal is to go through these four steps in detail to see what leaders can learn from professional athletes to become total leaders, themselves.

What do you think leaders can learn from professional athletes?