I. Gap Analyses

Gap Analyses Ensure Focus & Returns

Gap analyses are the starting point for any change initiative. They are the platform that defines your destination, enables you to build buy-in, clarifies your priorities, shapes your plans and makes it possible to measure progress.

They are like a GPS that gives you a map and tells you where you, your team, your business and your organization currently are on your developmental journey and where you need to go next to maximize effectiveness, growth and returns.

There are three working parts in any data driven gap analysis. Understanding how these parts work will set the stage for you being able to create a truly powerful narrative that can lead change. Here they are:

  1. Desired Future State: the competencies and capabilities that are required to make your goals possible.
  2. Current State: data that clarifies your current starting point.
  3. The Journey: your story line, priorities and primary constraint to move from current to future state.

We apply powerful frameworks to clarify your desired future state, measure your current state and reveal the journey forward. We aim for a gold standard, which is to provide you with gap analyses that do more than simply suggest priorities. Our goal is to identify primary constraints.

Why? Because when you know where your primary constraints are, you and your team can focus on resolving them. Then you will be able to clearly link your work with us to measurable improvements in business performance and maximizing return on investment.

Gap analyses are a key part of how we will keep you and your team clear, focused and productive.

Consider: where are the significant competency gaps in your Team and Business Culture? Where are the capability gaps in your Roles and Business Model?

Gap analysis will tell you.