III. High Performance Team & Business Culture Workshops

Forging A High Performance Business Culture Is Ignored At Your Peril

We design and deliver workshops that assess and maximize team and organizational effectiveness.

Our structured approach to developing high-performance teams and organizations sets us apart. Indeed, developing high-performance teams with the capabilities to lead complex change is often the first step in any major change process.

The first step as always is a gap analysis, which we then apply to design transformation- and execution-focused agendas for one or more workshops.

Our advantage here begins with a powerful competency model called The Seven Principles for Team Effectiveness.  

These principles map a journey towards high-performance:








A high-performance team will have specific practices and competencies in each of these seven areas. This makes it ideal for driving team development.

These principles are a cascade. The team journey to higher performance begins with aligning Purpose and then, over time, developing an effective team Mindset, clarifying Roles and interdependencies and creating Strategies and precise metrics to guide Implementation.

Consider, how effective is your team - really?  Are the members prepared to lead the kind of change that you need them to? Is the level of collaboration and interdependency creating the quality and innovation that you want?

Of course all teams operate in the larger context of an organization. A follow-on model that we then apply is the Evolutionary Stages Of Organizations.  It describes the developmental path through which all organizations progress. This model enables a team to decode the organizational culture and structures that they need to navigate together and set priorities to reach higher-performance. There are four stages:

I. Independent Contributors

II. Directive Leadership

III. Connect & Collaborate Matrix

IV. High-Performance Organization

Consider, how effective is your organization - really?  Does the culture enable innovation and leadership development?  High-Performance Team & Business Culture Workshops will take your team and organization on a journey to a higher stage of development so that you can manage greater complexity and navigate change to win!