Bottom line, we partner with leaders to build collaborative and aligned teams that build great businesses that create competitive advantage.

Failures to lead complex business change are not uncommon and often epic, including miscued leadership transitions, dysfunctional teams, broken mergers, botched cultural transformations and misaligned strategies.

Smart leaders and teams don’t try to navigate complex business change alone. They team up with an experienced team of business coaches.

At Growth River we coach leaders and teams in businesses to navigate complex change, with offices near New York, Boston, Atlanta, Frankfurt and Cologne.

Our powerful methodology, decades of experience and heartfelt client testimonials set us apart.

The Premise For Our Services

The premise for our services is that leading change is a critical leadership competency.

We support leaders who: 

  • Want to form collaborative teams that build great businesses.
  • Want to feel secure in their capacity to effectively lead complex change with teams
  • Are under pressure to produce business results, now and in the future
  • Hunger for best leadership practices

As a client, you'll experience clear roadmaps to higher team performance and business results -- grounded in powerful analysis, tools and distinctions.


Through these services, we provide integrated solutions for leading transformational change in teams and businesses:

  • Create Compelling Cases for Change
  • Design Change Leadership Team Workshops
  • Design & Deliver Business & Team Constraint Analyses
  • Systematically Plan & Track Performance 
  • Provide Leadership Development Coaching, Change Leadership Training & Tools

Plan and lead the Journey to higher team performance and business results including:

  • Form Change Teams
  • Activate Purpose
  • Practice High-Performance Collaboration
  • Practice Analytical Thinking
  • Optimize Systems-of-Roles
  • Align Towards Competitive Advantage

For more on on the six steps for leading change effectively, see the Roadmap For Leading Transformational Change.


Case Studies